The Story

Gary Charbonneau was asked to attend a public meeting on cetacean captivity held by the Vancouver Park Board in July of 2014. Listening to the discussions and the numerous speakers on behalf of the Vancouver Aquarium, Mr. Charbonneau had serious concerns. He noted there was a substantial lack of research towards conservational efforts, “After 30 years of belugas in captivity, they couldn’t point to a single beluga they helped in the wild nor did they even protect a single beluga habitat” Charbonneau stated. Furthermore, some of the expert testimony made on behalf of the aquarium were fraught with errors. Mr. Charbonneau decided to investigate the alleged claims being made by the aquarium and the result is the powerful film Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered.

The Director

The filmmaker, Gary Charbonneau, lives in Vancouver, B.C. and cares deeply about animals. In realizing the misinformation from corporations to the public regarding animal treatment, Gary decided to embark on filming documentaries. His first, 14CM, examines why individuals are caught in the societal trap which undertakes questionable practices of factory farming and climate change. This second documentary, Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered, exposes the truth behind cetacean captivity, conservation, education and research.

The film is so poignant that the aquarium brought forward a lawsuit to silence it. The lawsuit is still on going today.